Transnational Project Meetings

1st TPM: March 2019, Aydin, Turkey

2nd TPM:  July 2019 Trikala, Greece

3rd TPM: October 2019 Huelva, Aljaraque, Spain

4th TPM: February 2020, Mikulov, Czech Republic

5th TPM. Rende, Italy

6th TPM: Aydin Turkey


Learning/Teaching/Training Activitiy (LTTA)

•       Short term staff training - Training of Trainers

•       3 days for training on 26-28 November 2019, Trikala, Greece + 2 days for travelling

Aim of the activity:

•       to increase contribution of the project to the improvement of the farmers’ digital skills; so to increase the quality of the project

•       to enhance the trainers' skills and competences.

23 participants took part in the international training to learn and to test training course and materials for farmers and to provide feedback on their efficiency and improvements to be made

Insight of the program of the activity:

•       Training Module/Course and Contents (IO1-IO2) (creation, revision and evaluation)

•       The online platform for education and open educational resources, and content creation

•       Learning methods: From ordinary learning to distance learning, to open learning and to e-learning

•       Learning Management System (LMS)

•       Course management on the platform


Results and Outputs

The DIGIFARMER project will produce significant innovative results and outputs as tangible products (intellectual outputs), and in terms of the farmers' improved skills, as well as the partners’ institutional capacities.

Intellectual outputs (IO):

IO1 – Training module/curriculum-course.

IO2 – Training Materials and OERs.

IO3 – Farmer Platform.


Multiplier Events:

E1- Final Conference 1: in Turkey

E2- Final Conference 2: in Greece

E3- Final Conference 3: in Czech Republic

E4- Final Conference 4: in Spain

E5- Final Conference 5: in Italy