The digital world is creating new opportunities for exchange and cooperation. In order to ensure farmers to take a place in this world training should be supported by the printed and digital materials. Additionally, if farmers can continue learning through internet and mobile/smartphone application, this process will be speed up. Thus, the farmers will be more active in the digital world, and the digital literacy gap between farmers and other adults will be decrease.

Visually enhanced printed or multimedia materials can contribute to trainees' learning experiences. Exploring the details of materials help learners to have a better understanding of the context of the reading material. Illustrations also can provide more permanent information and promote the interpretation of the subject. These materials increase the efficiency of the trainings as well.

On the basis of the "Farmers’ Digital Skills" Training Module/course-curriculum; learning materials, modules-units, Learning Materials and Learning Environment were prepared.

These materials included development of OER on the website, course contents, module documentation, knowledge, entrepreneurship skills such as analysis, strategic thinking, negotiation, planning, organization, decision making, results orientation, initiative, propensity to new things, prospective thinking, management of uncertainties and difficulties.

●        Trainer Methodological Handbook

●        Digifarmer Education Platform:

●        Farmers’ Digital Skills Book

●        Units of the Module: