Although it was founded in 2001, Karpuzlu Chamber of Agriculture has managed to be well recognized in a short time, and establishing a company within its organization in 2008, Karpuzlu Chamber of Agriculture became the first-ever Chamber of Agriculture in Aydın that has a company.
Karpuzlu Chamber of Agriculture serves 4.826 members engaged in agricultural activities in 23 quarters in Karpuzlu district of Aydın.
Our district is suitable for all kinds of plant and animal production due to its soil and climatic conditions. Agriculture, fruit growing, animal husbandry, and beekeeping are the sources of income of Karpuzlu district.
There is a total of 149.456 decares of agricultural land in the district, 20.097 decares of it are cropland, 5,970 decares of it is used as fallow land and 2,831 decares of it used for vegetable plantation, and in 120,558 decares olives and fruit growing are carried out. In our irrigable farmland, corn silage, grain corn, milk corn, peanut, pepper, watermelon, forage turnip, vetch, oats, barley, alfalfa are grown. Animal husbandry is also very common in our region. Dairy breeding and livestock fattening are carried out in the district center while domestic breeding and ovine breeding are carried out in our mountain neighborhoods. There are 29.383 cattle, 10.474 sheep and goats and 58.789 beehives in our district.
Within the scope of the organic farming activities initiated for our olive producers in 2001 within the structure of Karpuzlu Chamber of Agriculture, approximately 1100 producers have completed the transition period of 2 years and now produce goods by organic agriculture in an area of 50.000 decares.
Our Chamber building completed and started to serve in 2005. On the ground floor, our agricultural market, and on the upper floor, our Chamber staff serves our producers in our two-story building.
Our Chamber Assembly and Board of Directors work in coordination with District Governor, Mayor, head of villages and neighborhoods, political parties and other non-governmental organizations to realize and finalize the procedures and operations of our farmers and our Chamber in the fastest and most efficient way.