"Developing Farmers’ Digital Skills" (project n. 2018-1-TR01-KA204-059557)

The advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), which have become increasingly important, have contributed to the increase of the economic growth of the countries and the improvement of the living standards of the individuals. According to this many countries have recognized the imperative of digital technologies, acknowledging the necessity to educate their citizens. The improvement of digital infrastructures and mobile technologies creates new opportunities for increased citizen digital participation; however, digital participation faces numerous challenges.

The project is the result of a strong partnership with different European and Turkish organisations. Nine partners have prepared the project "Developing Farmers’ Digital Skills" and it has been approved by Presidency of the EU Education and Youth Programs Center - Turkish National Agency within the scope of ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 2018 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education Program.

The project is addressed to all adult farmers who want to learn more about digital world and want to create their presence online to improve their social & business life.

The role and significance of ICT and information literacy within agricultural activities present through a review of European development initiatives and theoretical insights regarding this topic. It will reveal obstacles on the current level of skills and promote the readiness to adopt new knowledge and technologies.

Proficiency in basic computer skills and information literacy will contribute to empowerment of farmers who can become active participants in further agriculture development stages within the chain of decision-making. As an important social group, farmers should be empowered through training programmes within the education system and through other initiatives aimed at upgrading the existing body of knowledge.

Our partnership composed of agricultural local authorities, NGOs, vet institutions and digital companies from Turkey, Check Republic, Spain and Italy.

The main goal is to bring farmers a digital knowledge that allows them to be part of contemporary technological trends linked to smartphones, computer and other tools. Farmers will discover how technology could be easy and useful for them and their businesses.